Whooooo! It’s been a long time since my presence graced these hallowed halls. Been busy rereading Feast for Crows & Dance with Dragons. FoC is still my favorite book of the whole series, and I like DwD much more now (the first time I read it, I was not super impressed). I’ve had these blog posts fermenting in my head all that time, and I want to spew them out here in the near future. Wanna tell the world about why I like Sansa more than Arya, in what way the faith of the Seven differs from Catholicism, and, of course, what is special about the Kingslayer eyeshadow.

But now, I want to offer my super valuable and important perspective on some recent news from the GoT world. First of all, this is a thing now, and I fucking approve…

dj hodor


Second, I just learned that some Dorne bits of Season 5 are going to be filmed in Alcázar of Seville! Approve approve approve!!!! I visited it a few months ago, and I can say that it’s a true wonder of the world. A shame that our “hot Dornish muffin” ((c) comicbookgirl19), aka Oberyn, is not going to be there.

And the most interesting news is that, we’re probably not going to see Arianne or (I would assume) Quentyn Martell in the show. Like, ever. They just announced the new cast members of Season 5 at Comic-Con, and there is no Arianne. There is Doran, there are the three Sand Snakes, and, most intriguingly, there is a cute 18(?)-year-old kid cast as Trystane Martell. I very strongly suspect that the roles of Arianne and Trystane have been collapsed into one, and he might fulfill Quentyn’s function, too. First, he might do the Arianne thing with Myrcella, and after that, he might go to Essos to do the Quentyn thing with Dany and the dragons. He’s Quentyn’s age, after all.

But the most important thing is… where is Darkstar??? There can be no ASoIaF without Darkstar, I would say that he is among the Top 5 most interesting new characters introduced in the last two books (take that, little boring-ass Faegon). And, WHERE ARE THE FUCKING GREYJOYS??? If Mads Mikkelsen doesn’t end up cast as Euron, I’m gonna Flip Out. And don’t they dare collapse Euron/ Victarion or Aeron/ Victarion into one.



  1. Glad you came back. So refreshing to read something other than the news…

    As I wrote before, I’m so keen to see Mikkelsen cast in GoT but frankly, I doubt it’s going to happen. I guess he earns more than the rest of GoT’s cast and given how expensive making of the show is, would the producers be willing to increase current payroll?

    1. ugh, i have the same thoughts. BUT who in their right mind would refuse to be on Game of Thrones??!! When I was rereading Feast for Crows, and Euron appeared, I keep seeing Mikkelsen as him and even hearing his voice speaking Euron’s lines!

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