Where to Buy Awesome Game of Thrones T-Shirts? Part 1

BOOM! Ding dong, the bitch is dead! I can’t stop gloating over Jojo’s purple zombie face. In comparison to that bomb, the latest episode felt a bit lackluster, even though it had Oberyn, crazy wildlings, and lovable Pod. Oh, and it also was a big “fuck you” to everyone who had been swooning over The Hound and Jaime after Season 3. Sandor stealing from the 99% and Jaime raping Cersei were reminders that there are no sweethearts on the show. Well, except for Sam, Gilly, and Podrick. Those are the characters that haven’t done anything questionable so far.

On to our main course… I promised to show some clothes! My husband and I are avid t-shirt collectors, and given our mutual obsession with the show, we couldn’t help but purchase a couple of GoT-themed pieces. Today’s post is dedicated to this badass tank top by Moshi-kun.


Moshi-kun, aka Mike Wrobel, produces some of the funniest GoT fan art that is currently floating online. A white walker with a popsicle, in a colorful windbreaker, with gorgeous black nails—hell yea, I’ll take that! Wrobel has made lots of other GoT portraits in this pop art style—my favorites include Bronn in a tracksuit, Khal Drogo as a Nine Inch Nails fan, and, the most recent one, Tormund (fucking TORMUND!) in an ugly Christmas sweater.

I bought my tank for $22 on Wrobel’s society6 store. Looks like it’s a “print-on demand” operation, as the white walker’s likeness definitely smelled like it was freshly applied. I do not know yet how durable it is, as I do not wear the top often, and I’ve only washed it a few times. So far, the print hasn’t cracked or anything. The image is printed on a black American Apparel tank. I had a plain one like that, and it disappeared shortly after I got the Moshi-kun one. I strongly suspect the white walker ate it. Fucker! Go eat some more Craster babies instead!



  1. fantastic tee, me likey. Definitely want one

    And I don’t think Others actually eat those babies. It has never been expressly stated in the books but it is implied that Craster’s babies are turned into new Others (?). Maybe Others do not have a lot of females who can get impregnated (???)

    1. do you want to get this t-shirt, or another one by moshi-kun?

      about the others–i think all of the theories are valid (turning babies into new others, eating them, etc.) but i decided to go with this one for the post, cos it was kinda funny.
      actually… the others look male but we do not know 100% if they are male. maybe they are both male and female, like dragons!

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