Off the Deep End: Wild Game of Thrones Season 4 Speculations


Of course, what follows are just guesses. But you can’t deny that they are logical! The order of these predictions is from “highly likely” to “probably never gonna happen, but I am still gonna say it, because why the fuck not.”

Joffrey’s death is GRUESOME

After the Red Wedding, the entire GoT-viewing population got bloodthirsty. (Everyone except me. I always disliked Robb and especially Catelyn). So, I think that Benioff and Weiss may provide a huge fanservice by offering REVENGE. I am sure that the Joffrey death scene will be very long and nasty, with the purple face and everything, so that the audience could have ample opportunity to gloat. There will be dancing in the streets when the episode’s over.

Jon Snow kills Ygritte

We do not know who shot Ygritte in the Castle Black battle. You gotta agree, her death was kind of anticlimactic. I would not be surprised if Benioff and Weiss decided to amp up the drama by making Jon Snaaaaaah the killer.

Bran and Oberyn’s stories get expanded

There is not much left in Bran’s story, except for the trip to the Children of the Forest lair and the encounter with zombies along the way. Maybe they will offer us a little teenage love story between Bran and Meera, as a) he seems to be in love with her in the book, and b) Isaac Hempstead-Wright is now a young man instead of a little boy. I am also expecting a lot of Oberyn, because he is fucking awesome, and it will be a shame if Weiss & Benioff do not capitalize on that.

Another character who is going to have a major story change/ expansion is Asha Greyjoy (Yara in the TV version). She is a total badass, and I hope that she doesn’t become an equivalent of the white walkers (we know they’re awesome, we know they’re coming, but WHEN??!!)

Whaaaa? She will eat him whole and spit out his bones. from here:

Whaaaa? She will eat him whole and spit out his bones. from here:

Oberyn gets a lot of sex

In the Season 4 trailers, there is a hint of a love scene with Ellaria Sand, but it will be a missed opportunity if Oberyn doesn’t get it on with more people in the show. The actor (Pedro Pascal) is really fucking hot, and his character is an exceptional sex fiend. He and Ellaria might be in an open relationship, and Oberyn is strongly rumored to be bisexual. That might pop up in the show, as since Renly’s passing there has been a lack of man love action.

Loras and Tommen

Speaking of… As we know, Tommen Baratheon was recast, and in the upcoming seasons he will be played by an older boy (Dean-Charles Chapman, whom we also know as Martyn Lannister). In the books, Cersei is constantly worried by her son’s infatuation with Loras, and not just because the latter is a Tyrell. There won’t be a full-on love story, but they might include a couple of innuendos.

Brienne gets laid

Another INSANE fucking fanservice might be Brienne banging Jaime… Billions of people around the planet are waiting for that! If not, Brienne might share some special moments with Podrick. Why not? After all, the TV Podrick is much older than his book version, and Benioff & Weiss made such a huge deal out of his magic dick.

Brienne and Pod on set. from here:

Brienne and Pod on set. from here:

Tyrion gets betrayed by Bronn instead of Shae

Alright, this is even more unlikely than Pod & Brienne, but nevertheless… In the third book Shae is revealed to be the key witness against Tyrion in the Joffrey murder trial, and we find out that she probably never loved him and was even fucking Tywin. No, I am not saying that Bronn is secretly having sex with Tyrion’s dad, but the show version of Bronn is more likely to be Tywin’s secret agent than the show version of Shae. In the book, we never really get a glimpse into Shae’s true feelings. In contrast, the TV Shae is really adamant about her love to Tyrion, so her betraying him would totally be out of character for her. As for Bronn, in the book he kind of fades into the background to do minor mischief against Cersei. That would be quite an un-spectacular ending for the TV Bronn, who seems to be one of the most-loved characters. Bronn is a funny and memeworthy guy, but he is also kind of sleazy, and therefore he is a more believable candidate for the betrayal than the earnest-seeming Shae. Besides, the lovable Bronn turning out to be an asshole would hurt the audiences more, and isn’t that the whole point of Game of Thrones?

Awww. Who doesn't love Bronn? from here:

Awww. Who doesn’t love Bronn? from here:



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